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HotNews is one of the largest and oldest news websites in Romania. It focuses on current affairs, politics, and finance. In addition to articles, it features video documentaries and interviews. It also publishes opinion pieces. If you are interested in Romanian politics or want to learn more about Romanian culture, HotNews is a good choice.

To subscribe to HotNews, you can log into your MY AUGI profile and select topics you’re interested in receiving. You can choose how often you want HotNews delivered, and you can also customize your subscription preferences. HotNews also includes exclusive Autodesk offers and events. Subscribe now and stay updated on the latest industry news!

Whether you’re an SAP developer or a general SAP user, HotNews is an invaluable resource. It’s free to subscribe, and you can tailor it to your specific interests. For instance, if you’re interested in new features, you can sign up for updates related to new modules. There’s even an Important Notes feature that helps you learn about new features and bug fixes. The latest news is delivered right to your inbox.

HotNews offers timely news about SAP products, software components, and more. It also offers useful filters that help you focus on important information. You can subscribe to specific modules, software components, or even specific topics, such as the latest SAP fixes. The news on HotNews is constantly changing, so you can stay up to date with the latest SAP updates.

While hot news is controversial, it has its uses and can be used by a variety of industries. In 1918, the Supreme Court recognized the concept of hot news in a case involving a competing wire service that copied articles written by AP reporters in Europe without attribution. Since the concept is still recognized, copyright laws are still in effect and HotNews users need to give credit for the source.

SAP HotNews is an invaluable resource for SAP professionals. However, it can be difficult to filter out irrelevant information. To avoid having to wade through thousands of articles, you can create a filter in SAP ONE Support Launchpad that allows you to view only HotNews related to your favorite system. This way, you can easily filter out irrelevant information and move relevant ones to an appropriate subtab.

Despite being Romania’s biggest news site, HotNews also publishes opinion pieces and video documentaries, making it a good choice for those who want to keep up with current events. HotNews is updated daily and features RSS feeds in English, Romanian, and Russian. It also offers multiple languages, which makes it easier for users to read and navigate.

HotNews has a wide range of content on current affairs, finance, and politics. The website publishes news, opinion pieces, videos, and interviews. While most content is written in Romanian, it is accessible to readers from other countries. HotNews also has a video news channel and allows subscribers to customize their subscriptions to receive specific types of news via email or RSS feed.