The Doctrine of HotNews

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The doctrine of Hotnews protects the commercial value of news. Live events televised around the world are considered news. When used without permission, news is considered copyright infringement. Hotnews doctrine protects the rights of live events, as it is important to the commercial value of these events. If the news is used without permission, it could lead to a lawsuit. This doctrine protects news creators and broadcasters from infringement lawsuits.

While there is no clear-cut definition of “hot news,” the legislative history can give us some clues as to how legislatures intended the law to be applied. In the case of hot news, the 1976 Act suggests a general desire to preserve hot news INS-like claims. However, the scope of the exception in this context is unclear, even within the Second Circuit. Its significance in hot news litigation is still unclear. You can take steps to protect yourself.

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