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The Freedesk

Freedesk is a start-up company from Sweden that has rocketed to success thanks to the health benefits and flexibility of its Desk Riser.

What´s all the fuss about? It´s about Design, Flexibility and Ease! Today, science has proven the positive effects of standing while working, including increased productivity, longer and healthier life, and burning up to double the amount of calories as you do when sitting.

The Desk Riser from Freedesk is a flat surface with built-in folding legs that you put on top of your existing desk. Now you can stand up and work anywhere and anytime in offices, schools and at home.
The Desk Riser has a unique and simple solution to alter the height. It is very slim and weighs only a few kilos, making it ultimately portable and flexible, yet fully functional for extensive usage.

The Freedesk Team mission is to develop and sell a fascinating range of simple, flexible and meaningful products for an active and productive lifestyle. The Freedesk products are designed with natural renewable materials; always using the most environmentally sound choice in design and material selection. Thanks to the simplicity of the products, a minimum of resources are used in the manufacturing and distribution.