Designers and Products: Mattias Stenberg:Plymå, Broberg & Ridderstråle: ABC, Pots, Bill, Eva Schildt: Daggkåpa, Nina Jobs: Rocky, Björn Dahlström: Kaskad, Mia Cullin: Gro


All of Nola’s output is based on three simple rules: ‘always start from scratch, get to the heart of the issue and dare to be different’.
These principles have shaped their products for more than four decades, resulting in a range of outdoor furniture that includes award-winning designs.
Under the leadership of Agneta Stake, Nola’s managing director, their products bring quality design and sustainable materials to urban streets, city parks, shopping centres, schools and residential areas.

As they develop their products with designers and architects, they factor in the needs of the people who use them, and the ever-changing nature of urban space. This year, Nola is pleased to present a range of individual products and new additions to their furniture groups.
Their new designs bring fresh inspiration to public spaces everywhere.