Salone del Mobile, Hall 10, E23

Minus 10

From Malmö in southern Sweden we deliver progressively designed furniture, shaped by the Scandinavian legacy and aimed for the contemporary society. Our clients are prestigious design shops and contract environments with a passion for great furniture and responsible manufacturing.

We take full responsibility for the whole chain – from the choice of raw materials and the conditions under which they are produced to the impact they have on us while we use them and finally how easily they can be recycled after many years of use.

Every minus tio design is based on its own manic idea. A certain idea about how a leg could be attached to a seat or an exploration of how thin an upholstered chair could be. We spend hundreds of hours refining the idea. We build a ridiculous number of prototypes.

We work with wood, steel and leather because they are durable, recyclable and beautiful. The traditional knowledge of the hands of our carpenters is unbeatable. So is the skill of the computer aided, robot like, mill that sculpture our stools. The combination is the future.

All our furniture is made in Sweden. By doing so we minimize transportation and maintain hundreds of years of knowledge about how to make furniture.