Salone del Mobile, Hall 10, E23

Designers in our Mingle Lounge

The concept of Swedish Design goes Milan 2017 is mingle; to mix and bring together, combine, blend, create new combinations, unite, chit-chat. The curators have therefore included a mingle lounge where visitors can hang out, meet, discuss and listen to ideas.

The mingle lounge contains furniture and lighting from the following Swedish designers:
– Lisa Hilland, Design House Stockholm
– Malin Glemme, Layered
– Marie-Louise Hellgren, Stolab
– Saša Antić, Lightwork

Torso Chair, Design House Stockholm
Lisa Hilland is a Scandinavian designer creating contemporary design with a poetic twist, combining modern high-tech production techniques with artisan quality craftsmanship. After her studies at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design and a few of years of international work experience, she set up her own studio in Sweden in 2005. Her current clients include renowned furniture producers such as IKEA, Gärsnäs, Gemla, Design House Stockholm and Svenskt Tenn.

“As a designer I have a great love of materials and how they influence how we perceive an object. I am constantly experimenting with the qualities of materials, making use of them in new combinations. Excellent design triggers our emotions, and according to me, materials have a great part to play while designing – or as I call it – giving an object a soul that can be loved.”

Torso Chair was born out of Lisa Hilland’s interest in fashion as well as furniture. With woven leather back, this first version gently flirts with the Swedish craft tradition. Entirely produced in Sweden, Torso combines high-tech form pressed wood and metal production with handmade leather craft.

”With Torso chair I wanted to bring warmth to a rationally produced product, by implementing a beautiful handmade detail in the design.”

French Puof, Layered

With a background in the fashion industry, it became natural for Malin to take inspiration not only from the world of interior design, but also from the fashion world. According to Malin Glemme, founder of Layered, carpets in a home can be changed between seasons and trends, just like clothes.

Layered is a new Swedish interior fashion brand offering quality rugs for stylish and elegant homes. The first rugs were produced for Malin’s own home, and after having numerous guests asking me where I bought them, I decided to start my own company. All our rugs are woven in premium, stable and heavy weave by trusted manufacturers in India.

Lilla Snåland, Stolab

Marie-Louise Hellgren is a pioneer in the fore front of the Upcycling-movement, as well as an internationally renowned designer. Marie-Louise Hellgren redesigned furniture and products are sourced by discarded goods in an unbending will to create great objects for homes and offices without exhausting the resources of this earth, for example Pink One pouf out of airbagmaterial.

When creating the chair Lilla Snåland, Marie-Louise Hellgren has Upcycled a stool out of wood-waste from the production of the iconic chair ”Lilla Åland” by Carl Malmsten. The stool ”Lilla Snåland” is represented at the Swedish National Museum, being a grand example of Upcycling that expresses the essence of this contemporary design-movement.

Stolab is a well renowned furniture manufacturer with a long tradition of wood works. The carpenters uses the best kind of heartwood of birch for the chair “Lilla Åland”, For each chair two triangular shaped pieces of prime timber is cut away from the seat. These bits have previously been used as fuel for heating the plant. When visiting the plant, Marie-Louise saw the wooden pieces from Lilla Åland and became very enthusiastic. She could immediately recognize the underlaying potential of this waste material. – I’m proud to be awarded Elle Decoration Swedish Design Award and my conviction is that designers today must face up and take their responsibility for the misuse of resources, energy and our growing piles of junk and believe that this award shines a light on my mission and might inspire more designers to rethink design.

Eximius, Lightwork

Saša Antić develops ideas and executes interiors and different spaces from concept through creation offering a full creative direction if needed. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, but works all over the world. Self-taught, strong ideas and hard work is three of my mind sets. Nothing is impossible.

“As long as I can remember I had a significant love for all kinds of photography and art.
My identity has always been to guide, inspire and to tell a visual story in my work.”

Saša takes inspiration from all different corners: Art, travel, movies, music, nature and people worth admiration and love. Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes; and most importantly – having fun.

The collection in the Swedish Design goes Milan exhibition is called EXIMIUS, produced by Lightwork Design, a design and crafting company of lighting with every single detail handmade.

“I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Hüseyin and Lightwork, giving me this total freedom to do what I want. The colours that I have chosen are colours that I like and that have followed me through life. Each model has a specific number, which relates to a birth date of my family. It’s a love story to my family, my niece, my sister, my mother and my father. It’s a celebration of life and childhood memories. These colours speak to me in so many ways. It triggers my senses and makes my inner poetry blossom” says Saša Antić.

Eximius is carefully selected from the Lightwork collection of luminaires but with new distinguished colours with a fine texture developed especially for Eximius. The model Stick comes in steel blue colour, Kettle Stick Floor in auburn brown colour, Lightshower in ochre colour and Grand Orient Star in desert colour. There is also a brand new model in the collection -Torch Spot, in deep emerald colour, all handmade with details in crafts nickel.

“Collaborating with Saša is like a perfect match and focuses on the play of light from the different models. It’s a perfect harmony of simple Lightwork forms and sophisticated colours from Saša. Choosing colours and material is a true personal reflection, different to everybody, this is a perfect blend of professionals” says Hüseyin Turgut.