Salone del Mobile, Hall 10, E23

Grythyttan Stålmöbler

Grythyttan lies deep in the forests of Bergslagen, Sweden, and it is here in our workshops next to the railway tracks, that Grythyttan Stålmöbler has made furniture since 1930. We are proud to be able to continue using the expert craftsmanship handed down through generations.

The quality and durability of our furniture is what Grythyttan Stålmöbler is known for, and can only be achieved in the hands of experienced craftsmen. As far away from the “throw-away” mentality as you can get.

The timelessness of the furniture is one of the secrets to its popularity. Relaxing moments of solitude or comfortable dining and socialising; the versatility of Grythyttan Stålmöbler is widely appreciated. The classic design will always feel modern, and it will always tell the story of Grythyttan Stålmöbler. Cherishing our inheritance, we are focusing on the future. Just like we always have.

Grythyttan Stålmöbler remains a family business after four generations, and its characteristic furniture can be found not only in private gardens, but also in numerous cafés, restaurants and other public places.