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Bjelin is a pioneer in the wood flooring and parquet industry with innovative products in classic patterns as well as new solutions and materials. The founders have a background in the industry and were part of the team developing the world’s first laminate flooring in the 70ies and the click-flooring in 90ies.

The engineered hardwood floor was invented in Sweden in the 1950s and Bjelin is evolving this tradition with some of the most innovative flooring products in the business. Bjelin’s products ranges from the floating herringbone floor and the narrow single strip floating floor to new unfinished flooring products made out of solid high density fibreboard.

One of the greatest advantages of floating floors is how fast and easy they can be installed. It has never been easier to install a high quality wood floor and create a contemporary look, adding a genuine and natural feeling to objects. The floors that can be painted, oiled or varnished according to need and desire. The combinations are endless.

Bjelins latest invention is the cured wood flooring where the top layer of the wood flooring is made harder and more durable in a new patented process. This reduces the need for maintenance and the amount wood needed for the top layer thus saving more precious types of wood. 20 cured oak planks can be of the same amount of oak used for a single plank made in a traditional lamella construction.