Salone del Mobile, Hall 10, E23


15 Swedish companies and 3 designers mixing heritage and innovative design – Swedish Design goes Milan brings 18 exhibitors to Italy in a blended exhibition, curated by the internationally renowned architectural studio White.

The exhibition showcases sofas, chairs, stools, rugs, fabrics, lighting, flooring, sound and other items created to be long-lasting, for generations: this is a typical Swedish trend, a model and a lifestyle. The use of local raw materials and recycled materials is combined with research for functionality for every single item.

The selection of the items ranges from sound absorbers made of moss, rugs made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, upholstered furniture and wooden objects mixed with other reusable materials, completely biodegradable fabrics, reclaimed wood flooring, paints without fossil fuels etc. Every item is an example of a great experimental creativity and exchange of ideas. A design that cares about both the environment and the people. A design that makes the right choices.

The exhibition is an initiative by Swedish Design Goes Milan 2017 and Business Sweden, half-governmental foreign trade development agency, in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy, Svensk Form and Architects Sweden.

The exhibition is curated by the prestigious Swedish architectural firm White, the third biggest studio in Europe, known all over the world for its sixty years long experience of projects aiming to an improvement of people’s life quality, eco-friendly projects, creative solutions for the present day that will last tomorrow, to the benefit of future generations.
Please see information to the right about each exhibitor.